Business Intelligence and Analytics

bitForce assists organizations in making the most of the data they have. We offer comprehensive business intelligence and analytics services that works to increase revenue, maximize utility and reduce costs for organizations.

We use popular data visualization tools such as Tableau and R to derive intelligent analytical insights enabling organizations to solve complex business problems and make more out of the data. Organizations benefit from our services including data consolidation through diving deep into analytical processing to real-time visualization:

Customized Reports and Dashboards

We use customized and intuitive reports and dashboards to offer high-level data analysis. Multi-dimensional data reports can be generated from data stored at various locations or in various formats.

Data Visualization

Real-time data visualization distributed through web, mobile and API.

Data Processing

Gathering data from multiple sources and integrating it into a single solution to give real-time insights based on combined data. Data normalization, profiling and cleansing.


Data analytical processing and data mining solutions.

Mobile Driven

User friendly mobile based data analytics solutions for fast business decision