Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

From education to retail, it’s no secret AR is killing it in every industry imaginable. With every company like Facebook and Microsoft working on AR-glasses, let’s take a look at some of the more reachable Augmented Reality experiences

 While digital transformation is adding pressure on every organization and is rising customer expectations, Augmented Reality has gained substantial worldwide attention. Although they are not new concepts, they have recently found momentum in different areas of application through the wide spread use of capable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and glass-devices. AR and VR are now the key elements to improve business efficiency in extended domains such as production, maintenance, training or marketing.

Augmented Reality (AR) technology allows you to overlay images, videos and other digital information in a real-world physical environment. By superimposing these data directly onto the real objects, AR allows maximum precision for service and maintenance processes, remote assistance and sales presentations